Ever Poll

Ever Poll

Win Cash & Prizes Daily by Voting on Awesome Micro-Polls

New! Prize Pools Launching Wednesday 03/06/19

Like Polls?

We do too. What if you could win cash & prizes just for voting on (and creating) them?

Purely Addicting

Once you try the Ever Poll mobile app, we guarantee you’ll be pretty much instantly hooked!

Amazing Prize System

We use a patent-pending Prize Wheel to facilitate Prizes & Rewards.

Realistic Odds

Ever Poll makes it easy for everybody to win + has multiple daily Jackpots & Payouts (via Paypal, QuickPay, etc).

Get More Voters

Want to get guaranteed votes on your Poll? We’ve built in the ability to “fund” your Poll! Learn more »

Get Lifetime VIP

Limited-Time Only: Get Lifetime VIP Membership for just $4.99 (a $500+ value). Sign me up! »

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