Win Cash & Prizes Daily by Voting on Awesome Micro-Polls

Ever Poll is a mobile app - currently available for download on the Apple App Store, which features micro-polls. Micro-polls are simple, 2 choice option polls, like "Do you prefer Books or Movies?" where the 2 options are "Books" or "Movies". Ever Poll also features a patent-pending rewards and loyalty system that revolves around the Ever Poll Prize Wheel.

Ever Poll Users can earn "spins" for voting on polls and creating polls, as well performing other actions, such as visiting a Sponsor's website (or app) for example. Spins can be used to spin the Prize Wheel for a chance to win cash and other prizes. The prizes and mystery spot on the wheel allow Ever Poll to constantly offer exclusive, limited-time only cash prizes and physical prizes.


Ever Poll currently offers several upgrade options:

$2.99/mo. - VIP Membership (1 month pay-as-you-go)

$4.99 - No Ads Lifetime (One-time payment)

$.99/100 votes - Featured Poll / Sponsored Votes (ie. Guaranteed Votes)

$.99/100 votes - Voter Analytics Reports (Order In-App, delivery via email)


$4.99/mo. - Baller Level Status Upgrade - learn more »


Ever Poll is committed to giving our users realistic chances to win cash and prizes every day - simply for voting on and creating awesome polls. We reward our Users with “spins”, which allow you spin our Prize Wheel for chances to win cash and other prizes. No Purchase Necessary. See Official Rules.