FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ever Poll?

Ever Poll is a mobile app that features micro-polls. Users, Businesses and Companies can feature a poll, which will add "points" to a poll that will increase its visibility and help it get more votes - and Users who vote on Featured Polls earn points, which they can use on the Ever Poll Prize Wheel to win cash and prizes. 

How does Ever Poll work?


1) Users vote (and create polls) to earn "spins"

2) 1 spin allows you to spin the Ever Poll "Prize Wheel"

3) The Prize Wheel contains various amounts of "stars" (ie 55 stars)

4) Users get the amount of stars the wheel lands on

5) Users accumulate stars as a balance, which they can then use sort of like micro-currency to withdraw funds, redeem prizes and more!

Does it cost anything?

No! No purchase is necessary to use Ever Poll or enter to win Ever Poll Rewards Stars. See Terms & Conditions for more info.

What does the ? on the Prize Wheel mean?

It stands for "Mystery Prize", which allows us to give different types of special bonus prizes without changing the spot on the wheel and re-submitting the App every time! IF there is currently a Mystery Prize then it will be posted on the Tips To Winning page within the Ever Poll App.

How often are prizes awarded?

With Ever Poll, the rewards are the spins and the “prizes” are the stars. That way everyone is guaranteed a prize if they use Ever Poll ocassionally. Users can actually buy whatever prizes they want or redeem their stars for instant cash transfers via Paypal, Venmo or Chase Quick Pay or via VISA Cash Card.

A minimum balance of $15 is currently required to cash out.

If you have additional question that were not answered here, please feel free to contact us at contact@everpolls.com